Corset Care

A good corset is an investment that needs to be taken care of.

Corsets are like shoes. They lace up. They are comfortable if they fit AND they need to be broken in! Just like new shoes a new corset can be painful if you don’t break it in first and get your body adjusted to wearing one. Just like shoes a corset can become misshapen if not broken in properly. Treat your corset with care and it will last for years.

In order to break your corset in you need to get into it and wear it. May sound obvious but many people leave their corset until they have an occasion to wear it. It will help your corset and your body if you wear it several times before the event.


  • Undo the front busk or clasp and lay the corset flat, right side up.
  • Loosen the back laces - you don’t need to unlace the corset, just loosen them so there is a 4” gap or more between center backs.
  • Wrap the corset around your body with the loop side of the busk in your right hand.
  • Connect the busk at the front by pulling the loop side over the knobs. The corset should be loose!
  • Now reach behind you, grasp the laces where they loop at the waist and gently pull the laces to slowly tighten the corset.
  • Using your fingers feel up and down the laced back to check for caught laces and gently pull them to untangle.
  • Continue to pull the loops at waist level until the corset in comfortably snug but NOT tight.
  • Tie these loops in a bow and tuck excess in to the laced area between your back and the corset.


If you wore new shoes out dancing what’s the chance your feet would be killing you by the end of the evening? Right, chances are you’d have taken them off and a corset is the same... but you can’t take it off!

  • Follow the above directions for getting into your corset.
  • Wear the corset several times comfortably snug but not tight, only for an hour or two
  • Each time you wear it tighten it a little after an hour or so. Each time wear it a little longer, letting your body adjust and letting the corset adjust.
  • Move around as usual and notice how wearing a corset effects your movement—particularly using the “loo”
  • This allows your corset to mold slightly to your shape...just like shoes and allows you to get accustomed to the feel of the corset, your body will acclimatize to the changes the corset demands and you will be able to anticipate how to accommodate the slight restrictions wearing a corset makes on your activity.
  • Breaking in your corset is as important for the longevity of your corset as it is for your comfort and satisfaction in your purchase. You’re investing a fair amount of money and following these steps will limit damage to the corset and discomfort for you.


  • DO NOT put your corset in a washing machine.
  • DO NOT put your corset in a dryer.
  • When possible wear a corset liner and launder the corset liner. Cotton lycra spaghetti strap pullovers are great for this and you likely have some already. If you don’t they’re easy to find and inexpensive to purchase. Simply slide the straps off your arms and tuck them inside the corset if you’re wearing an over-bust corset and don’t want them to be seen. They look great with a waist cincher.
  • You can DRY CLEAN your corset.
  • You can keep your corset scent free by lightly spritzing the inside with vodka (do not use any other alchol) or dab scented areas with a vodka saturated cotton ball. The vodka kills the bacteria that causes odour.
  • Spray the inside of the corset with “Febreze” fabric spray. This is the easiest.


  • Allow your corset to air after wearing, leave it laying out overnight, inside up. Hang it over the back of a chair or a towel rack with the laces supporting the corset and the inside exposed to air.
  • Hang your corset over a hanger, with the laces centered over the cross bar. Hang in closet where it will not get crushed. OR
  • Roll your corset and place in lingerie drawer – after it has aired overnight.

There is no reason why you should not get a few years wear out of your new corset. The materials are all high quality and even with regular wear it should last a couple of years with proper care.

To enjoy your corset as much as possible and for as long as possible follow the instructions on this page.


  • Always loosen the laces before getting into or out of your corset to limit risk of breaking the busk knobs. Busks are very difficult to replace and the repair is expensive.
  • Get used to wearing your corset before trying to wear it tight! If you don’t you will be uncomfortable and may find it painful - this will limit your enjoyment and make you regret your purchase.
  • Practice getting into your corset and wearing it. It does take time but will be worth the effort.
  • If you’ve been perspiring in your corset spray if lightly with vodka before the sweat has dried. Have a little spray bottle ready and spray the inside when you take it off. This saves dry cleaning and odor build up.
  • Always let your corset dry before storing it. Leave it out over night inside up.


If you have purchased your corset from Farthingales Midwest Inc. and have problems with it you cannot return it, however please call and make an appointment to bring it in so we can either help you with a solution or repair. Or contact us by e-mail and arrange to mail your corset back for us to assess.

Note: There may be charges for repairs depending on the apparent cause. If the damage is clearly a result of construction flaws there will be no charge. This decision will be made by one of our qualified staff.


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